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 About Peachy Keen Crafts

My husband and I started Peachy Keen Crafts, as a side project for our two little kiddos. Crafting and colouring is a daily occurance in our home. And, naturally the safety of our kids was our top concern. We wanted to ensure that they were playing with the highest quality products as well provide a launchpad to ignite their imagination and creativity.

In our home we love to play with paints, glitter (call me crazy), scratch paper and basically anything that makes a gigantic mess. I think my kids think the bigger the mess the better fun and, ummmm, I don’t always think so.

Crafting is a wonderful means for children to explore their creativity and imagination. We are committed to helping families and teachers tap into their children’s creativity and help support the growth of their confidence. And, we are committed to making your home just as messy as ours. 

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